European Union updates Air Safety List

The European Commission has updated the "Black List" of Airlines which are banned in the EU. With a new search tool, consumers can now easily find relevant information.


According to this 23rd update, the ban of the Philippine "Cebu Pacific Air" as well as "Air Astana" from Kazakhstan and all airline companies from Swaziland is lifted.


The Air Safety List is prepared by the "EU Air Safety Committee", whose members are air safety experts from the 28 Member States, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and the "European Aviation Safety Agency". They discussed imposing or lifting of flying bans during a conference which took place from 25.-27. March 2014. The EU Commission approved the list before publishing.


New user-friendly service


The "Black List" provides information about airlines from 20 states, a total of 294 companies. The whole list is published on the website of the Commission. Until now, browsing through the list for information about a specific airline was difficult and took quite some time.


A new search tool makes this easier for consumers. They just have to type in the wanted airline or country and klick on the search button. If the search shows no result, the airline or country is not on the list and therefore not banned by the EU. As for now, the tool is only available in English, but other languages are coming soon according to a press statement of the Commission.

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