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Save fuel on vacation

Tips of ECC Austria for your carefree car journey

Many Austrian consumers like to drive their own car on vacation. A popular destination is Italy, but fuel is expensive. Those who get informed beforehand, save money.

Service station operators in Italy must adhere to strict legal requirements. Among other things, they are obliged to signpost the fuel prices in a way that consumers driving by can see them from the street.

If the operator offers "self service", price differences have to be stated as well. Usually, self service is cheaper.

Sometimes, self service is only possible outside the regular business hours. Many service station are closed not only in the night but also at noon (between 1 and 2 o'clock). It can pay off to refuel during this periods.

General tips

The Austrian ÖAMTC provides helpful tips on how to save fuel at home and abroad on its website. Consumers can also download the free ÖAMTC App which contains current prices. It is available for Apple and Android devices.

The European Commission created the "Going Abroad" app which informs about particular traffic rules in EU Member States (speed limits, safety requirements...).

If you face problems on a trip in another EU Member State, the European Consumer Centre Austria (ECC) is happy to help.


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