Tire pressure: Protection for drivers and environment

From 1 November 2014 it is obligatory within the EU that all new cars have a so called Tire Safety System (TSS). In the following years, all cars should be equipped with such systems.


A lack of pressure in the tires can lead to various consequences, from higher fuel consumption to quicker tire usage and valve damages. Therefore, the safety of the driver is reduced but the costs and negative effects on the environment rise. An automatic control system which warns the driver if one or more tires lack pressure is therefore an improvement but it remains questionable which costs consumers have to expect due to this new regulations.


All new cars will have an integrated TSS. If an inspection reveals that there is no TSS or that it is defect, it will be a "light defect" and the driver can still get his pass ("Pickerl" in Austria). With 2017, it will be a "serious defect" and therefore the driver won’t be provided with a pass.


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