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The circumstances that lead to consumer complaints are repeated over and over again, and tried-and-tested solutions have proven themselves in practice. Various apps and interactive websites have been created based on this knowledge accumulated by consumer advocates. They can therefore provide consumers with practical answers from the wealth of advice available. In this way, users of the apps are made aware of pitfalls before problems arise or are pointed to service centers that can help in an emergency.


Pictogram about "Interactive tools"

Interactive tools

ECC Travel App

The ideal travel companion for vacations in the EU, Iceland and Norway. It helps travelers in Europe to cope with stressful situations abroad and to assert their consumer rights in the language of the destination country.

With the ECC-Net: Travel app, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) provides consumers with legal information, practical support and language assistance for 101 typical situations in a single application.

It may happen that the specific situation of the traveler is not covered or not fully covered by this app. In such a case, however, the consumer still has the option of having the facts checked by his or her European Consumer Center after returning home.
The travel app is a joint project of all 30 members of ECC-Net and was developed by the European Consumer Centre Germany.

  • Manufacturer: EVZ Germany
  • Format: Smartphone App
  • Target group: EU - travelers
  • Works offline too: YES
  • Language versions: 25
  • Availability: EU, Norway, Iceland & UK
  • Website: reopen.europa.eu/en
Link to iOS AppStore for download this App
Link to Google Play Store for downloading this App


Check your flight rights

Screenshot of the online tool "Flight Rights Calculator"
Title screen of the Flight Rights Calculator Image: ECC Norway/Forbrukerrådet

Your flight has been delayed or cancelled? Or you were not allowed on board because the flight was overbooked? Your luggage is damaged or missing? In all these cases you have clear rights according to the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation.

With the Flight Calculator you can quickly & easily calculate what claims you can make to the airline in your specific case.

Important: This concerns flights within the EU or flights where the operating airline has its headquarters in the EU!

The Flight Calculator is a joint tool of our ECC colleagues from Norway and the local consumer protection authority. 

The contents are not the responsibility of the ECC Austria. The tool does not correspond to an individual legal check.

  • Producer: ECC Norway & Norwegian Consumer Council
  • Format: Website tool (embeddable)
  • Target group: EU passengers
  • Works offline too: No
  • Language versions: 4
  • Availability: global
  • Interactive Website

Re-Open EU

Screenshot of the Re-Open EU Website
Image: European Commission

Different countries, different rules for dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic: What do I need to be aware of in other EU countries? The European Commission's "Re-Open EU" website quickly clarifies this - with just a few clicks. With its portal, the EU Commission provides an overview of applicable Corona rules in the various member states. The information available is updated every two weeks.

Users of the app learn whether the airport is open at their destination, whether public transportation is running, in which situations face masks are required, or how many people they are allowed to meet there. An interactive map shows the classifications of all countries according to the colors of the Corona traffic light. In addition, one can find all the information about whether, for example, restaurants or cafes are open or from which countries and under what conditions one can enter at all.

  • Producer: European Commission
  • Format: interactive website or app
  • Target group: EU - travelers
  • Works offline too: No
  • Language versions: 24
  • Availability: global
  • Website https://reopen.europa.eu/en
Link to iOS AppStore for download this App
Link to Google Play Store for downloading this App


Mit Erfolg reklamieren

Screenshot of the App "Mit Erfolg reklamieren"
Image: ECC Germany

The terms warranty and guarantee are often confused. The app "Mit Erfolg reklamieren" ("Successfully complain"). helps with exactly these questions and offers practical tips on the subject of warranty in the EU. What do you do if the goods are defective or there are problems with the delivery? It could also happen that you no longer like the goods. The app provides answers to your rights when shopping online, in stores, or off-premises when buying from a retailer in another EU country, Iceland, or Norway.


Helps consumers learn about their rights by interactively asking/entering general questions about the case. Although the app addresses questions to customers residing in Germany, the information is the same and applicable to customers in the EU, even if you do not live in Germany.


  • Producer: ECC Germany
  • Format: interactive website or as app
  • Target group: (German) customers
  • Also works offline: No
  • Language versions: German
  • Website: https://mit-erfolg-reklamieren.de/
Link to iOS AppStore for download this App
Link to Google Play Store for downloading this App

Mit dem Auto ins Ausland

Cover page of app "Mit dem Auto ins Ausland"
Cover page of app "Mit dem Auto ins Ausland" Image: ECC Germany

Whether you are traveling with children or pets in your own car, motor home or rental car: Here you will find important and useful information when traveling on the roads of our European neighbors. The travel countries: All countries of the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

The topics: Documents, insurance, road safety, traffic rules, tolls, refueling, breakdown, accident, repair, theft, rental cars, ferry, customs and environmental zone. The special feature of this app is that the information received is provided tailored to the individual trip. A checklist helps to be well prepared for the journey.


After the step-by-step input of some travel data, for example whether one drives only adults or children or pets along, and after the selection of the vehicle type one can add also up to 5 countries of the route. According to this selection, users get a pre-selection of individually retrievable information about this country structured in areas such as theft, documents, ferry / customs / toll, rental car, breakdown / accident, repair, safety, refueling / charging station, environmental zone, insurance, and traffic rules.

Note: You can also use the online tool comfortably on the browser of the smartphone, the layout has been optimized for portable devices.


  • Producer: ECC Germany
  • Format: interactive website
  • Target group: Car drivers
  • Works offline as well: No
  • Language versions: German
  • Applicable for: EEA countries + Switzerland 
  • Website: https://auto-app.eu/

APP ins EU-Ausland

The app is aimed at young people with plans to spend some time abroad. It provides information and contacts for 15 popular travel countries in the EU. For example, you can find out what to do in an emergency or if you have problems at the airport, what to think about when it comes to health, money or cell phones, and what special rules apply in the country.

Thanks to an extensive expansion, the app now also helps you with longer stays abroad such as studies, student exchanges, au pairs or work & travel. It includes additional information on job hunting, registration requirements, rental contracts, insurance, bank accounts and much more. On top of that, there are tips on how to save money. A checklist helps to think of all the important things. There are also some entertaining features.


  • Manufacturer: ECC Germany
  • Format: Smartphone App
  • Target group: Teenagers, students
  • Works offline as well: Yes
  • Language versions: German
  • Useful for: 15 EU countries
Link to iOS AppStore for download this App
Link to Google Play Store for downloading this App


The Austrian Ministry of the Environment, the VKI and the environmental NGO Global2000 participated in the European Union (EU) funded project "LIFE AskREACH" and thus also supported the development of the smartphone app Scan4Chem. REACH pays special attention to about 200 substances of very high concern (SVHC) .  The app enables consumers to send a request to responsible manufacturers or distributors through the barcode of the product, whether and which SVHC substances are contained in the product. As are result the number of declared articles is constantly growing.


  • Producer: LIFEAskREACH (EU Project)
  • Format: Smartphone App
  • Target group: consumers
  • Works offline as well: no
  • Language versions: 12 languages
  • Applicable for: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Serbia
Link to iOS AppStore for download this App
Link to Google Play Store for downloading this App

Watchlist Internet

Screenshot der Watchlist Internet App
Fraud warnings by Watchlist Internet available on app Image: Watchlist Internet/ÖIAT

This independent information platform from Austria informs on the one hand about current cases of fraud on the internet and on the other hand gives tips on how to protect oneself from common scams. Victims receive tangible instructions for further steps. As soon as there are new warnings on the Watchlist Internet website, they are also available on the app. One of the advantages of the smartphone app over the operators' email newsletter is that email warnings about fraudulent companies may themselves be classified as threatening and thus end up in spam filters of interested recipients.


The most important functions of Watchlist Internet are available in the app:

  1. Warnings about current fraud traps on the Internet can be called up on the smartphone, using articles, search terms or lists of fraudulent domains.
  2. Push notifications are optional to display the latest warning message as soon as it goes online.
  3. An input form can be used to draw attention to fraud traps on the Internet and suggest a check.
  • Producer: ÖIAT
  • Format: Smartphone App
  • Target group: web users
  • Works offline as well: partially
  • Language versions: German
  • Applicable for: Mainly German-speaking region with focus on Austria
Link to iOS AppStore for download this App
Link to Google Play Store for downloading this App

Foreign Service App

How do I reach the nearest embassy or consulate in an emergency? What should I do if I lose my passport or suddenly fall ill? How safe is my holiday country and what other tips are relevant for my trip? The Austrian Foreign Ministry provides this app to offer travellers additional security.

The app is designed for the following four functional areas:

  1. Registering a trip abroad - so that in an emergency (e.g. in the event of a corona pandemic) you can be informed for return actions by the Foreign Ministry or contacted by the local embassy.
  2. Country information on 200 countries: Information, data, facts & entry requirements
  3. Emergency tips in case of loss of documents, accident, illness, etc.
  4. Contacts to all embassies and consulates in the destination country with route indication
  • Producer: BMEIA
  • Format: Smartphone App
  • Target group: Austrian travellers
  • Works offline as well: partially
  • Language versions: German
  • Applicable for: Travel abroad to 200 countries
Link to iOS AppStore for download this App
Link to Google Play Store for downloading this App

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