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Vom Hurricane Irma zerstörte Gebäude des Resorts Anse Marcel auf St.Martin
Hurrikan Irma zerstört Resorts, Häuser und Gebäude im November 2017 auf St.Martin. Image: Mulitverse/shutterstock

ECC advises on danger at holiday destination

The European Consumer Centre in Austria is mandated by the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection to inform consumers about legal issues concerning tourist travel to areas that are currently considered unsafe. The usual reasons for such uncertainty are natural disasters, threat of war and unrest, epidemics or terrorism. The most frequently asked questions in this topic complex concern, for example, cancellation possibilities and costs in case of travel cancellation, travel insurance, the meaning of travel warnings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and repatriation actions in extreme cases. For this purpose, a hotline has been set up at the ECC, which is run by a specialised lawyer.

Pictogram about "Danger at the holiday location"

When danger threatens at the destination

In the pandemic years 2020 and 2021, the situation is special, because danger at the holiday destination is everywhere, so to speak. Thus, all our lawyers are involved in this area. In this context, please also refer to our FAQ on the subject of Corona & Travel.

The list of all articles linked to the topic "Danger at the holiday resort" can be found here.

0043 - 1 - 588 77 63

The hotline on danger at the holiday destination is open from

Monday to Thursday
and manned between
9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 


Pictogram about "Consulting by phone by ECC staff"

ECC Hotline

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