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Joint website of the European Consumer Centres Network relaunches 16.12.2021 Image: ECC Netherlands

ECC-Net Website features brand new content!

What to do when a flight is cancelled? How can you avoid being overcharged for car rental? Where to get help when your online order failed to arrive?  Find the answers and more at

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net)’s brand new website,, provides information on all relevant issues and dilemmas for European consumers. An international team of ECC-Net members from the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Cyprus and Germany worked together to produce a hub of consumer rights information and the best user-friendly digital platform to learn about your consumer entitlements in the EU and EEA. 

Who We Are

The European Consumer Centre Network (ECC-Net) offers European consumers advice on their consumer rights and legal protections when shopping and travelling in another European Union Member State or European Economic Area country. Head over to the website for practical guidance on how to exercise your consumer rights and where to turn to for help when something goes wrong.

How We Help

We will assist by trying to find an amicable out-of-court solution to a consumer-business dispute by liaising directly with the business you have a problem with. We will ensure that you are informed of your rights and receive expert assistance in your language.

Get in Touch

Alongside a wealth of information, at you will find the contact details of all European Consumer Centres in the EU and selected EEA countries - Norway and Iceland - where you can get in touch with a question or to submit a complaint about a cross-border business.


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