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The ECC is the official contact point in Austria - contact us about geoblocking, online dispute resolution, danger at your holiday destination or the EU Services Directive! Image: creativetan / Shutterstock

ECC as official contact point

We are the officially mandated point of contact and provide assistance with enquiries in the following areas:

Danger at holiday destination

On behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs, the ECC is an official counselling centre on legal issues concerning travel to dangerous areas affected by natural disasters, threat of war, unrest, epidemics or terrorism. Would you like to find out about cancellation options and costs in case of travel cancellation, travel insurance, the meaning of an official travel warning or similar?

Pictogram about "Danger at the holiday location"

When danger threatens at the destination


The ECC Austria is the contact point for consumers according to Art. 8 of the EU Geoblocking Regulation. We support you if you cannot purchase goods or services in other EU countries due to your place of residence or nationality, or if your means of payment (credit card, bank account) are not accepted due to the same reasons.

  • Hotline Monday and Thursday , 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on 01 - 588 77 81
  • What is Geoblocking ? Read our article explaining common issues
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Geoblocking is banned in the EU

Services Directive

We are also the contact point for consumers according to Art. 21 of the EU Services Directive. If you are planning to use cross-border services (such as in the construction or craft sector), you can ask us about your rights.

  • Hotline Monday and Thursday , 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on 01 - 588 77 81
Pictogram about ""Services Directive

Using services from abroad

Online dispute resolution via ODR

Since 2016, the online dispute resolution platform of the European Commission has been in operation and the ECC Austria has been officially designated as the national ODR contact point. In the event of a dispute, we support you in particular in communicating with the other party and the competent dispute resolution bodies, and provide information on the functioning of the ODR platform as well as applicable consumer rights in Austria. In addition, we help with the submission of the customer complaint on the ODR platform and also businesses if they want to use ODR on their own.

  • Hotline Monday and Thursday , 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on 01 - 588 77 81
  • Our article explains funktionality and usage conditions of the ODR platform
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Using ODR platform in dispute resolution

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