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German traffic strike - flight cancellations in Austria as of Sunday

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The German warning strike on Sunday (26 March 2023) and Monday (27 March 2023) has a strong impact on domestic air traffic. On the first day of the strike, all 12 flights between Vienna and Munich will be cancelled. On the second day, 27 return flights to Germany will be affected. Connections between Vienna and Munich, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne will only be available again after the strike ends!

Vienna Airport informs that all twelve flights between Munich and Vienna will be cancelled on Sunday. There will be even more flight cancellations on Monday : According to current knowledge, 54 (27 outbound and 27 return flights) of 91 planned flights between Vienna and Munich as well as Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne are affected and will not be operated. The airports affected in Austria are Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz and Klagenfurt. However, the second day of the strike (Monday) will also affect other carriers in Germany for 24 hours. Vienna Airport estimates that flights to and from Berlin, Hanover and Leipzig are not yet affected, but cannot be ruled out later. Currently, Vienna handles about 600 flights every day.  66 of these flights are cancelled due to the strike.

Travellers are advised to obtain the latest information from the airline or tour operator. Apart from that, the overview of current arrivals and departures on the website of the booked airline or the airport used is helpful. Passengers are usually informed in advance in the event of strikes by the airline. Therefore, no particular impact on terminal operations is expected at Vienna Airport, an airport spokesperson told the Austrian Press Agency (APA).

The strike is also having a massive impact on rail traffic, for example on all train connections from Austria via the "Deutsches Eck" region. To remedy the situation, a shuttle service is being set up every two hours. Nevertheless, journeys may take three hours longer than indicated in the original timetable, because trains to and from Germany will be shortened or cancelled. Long-distance rail traffic is therefore completely suspended and most regional traffic is suspended. In addition, local public transport is on strike in seven German states. This also means that almost all German airports, waterways, ports and motorway services are affected. Long-distance buses (e.g. Flixbus) and car rental companies are particularly crowded by travellers looking for alternatives. Here, too, there may be restrictions due to the volume of bookings.

Outlook: As reported by ORF (Strike in Germany: Train and flight cancellations in Austria - news.ORF.at), Deutsche Bahn expects some restrictions in long-distance traffic, especially in the first half of Tuesday (28.3.2023). In the current negotiation situation, the trade unions ver.di (public service) and EVG (railway) do not want to rule out further strikes during the Easter holidays.


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