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Hong Kong: Protests at the airport

Info for travellers

For weeks now, protests and strikes are taking place in Hong Kong. Among other locations and public services, they also affect the international airport.

Last weekend, thousands of protesters occupied the airport to demonstrate for more democracy and against the government. According to media reports, protests within the city were brutally dissolved by the police, using tear gas and arresting people.

Those reports cause uncertainty among travellers from Austria. The ECC, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, provides legal information regarding "danger at destination" free of charge.

Flight cancelled - what now?

On Monday, 12.08., all flights to and from the International Airport Hongkong got cancelled. Passengers were asked to leave the terminals.

We advise all consumers who plan to travel to Hong Kong or stay there at the moment, to keep up with the current developments. Follow media reports, frequently visit the website of the Hongkong airport and check your flight status with the respective airline or your tour operator in case of package travels.

Travellers who are stuck at Hongkong, because their return flight got cancelled, should contact the Austrian Foreign Ministry. They offer updates on the safety situation as well as general travel information regarding Hong Kong.

If you had planned to fly to Hong Kong but your flight is not taking place, the following applies:

  • You can choose between the reimbursment of the ticket price or an alternative flight at the earliest possible date.
  • If you only booked a flight, your contact person is the airline. For package travellers, it's the tour operator.
  • You are not entitled to compensatory payment, because the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances. According to the EU air passenger rights regulation, airlines are not obliged to pay compensation to passengers under such circumstances.

If you booked a hotel in Hong Kong yourself and not as part of a package travel, you have to directly contact it and Chinese law is applicable. For package travellers, the tour operator is in charge.

Cancel or postpone the trip?

You have planned a trip and it would take place, but you are not sure if you want to go to Hong Kong at this time? Find all relevant legal information about your rights and options in our comprehensive article.

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