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Insolvency of BV

Dutch webshops for furniture

The Dutch company BV operated several webshops for furniture:,, and Now it declared bankruptcy.

Since several months, our colleagues from ECC Netherlands received complaints from consumers who ordered products from the trader, but never received them.

What can consumers do?

Have you purchased a product at one of LIL.B.V.’s webshops and did not receive it? File your claim at the lawyer in charge of the insolvency proceedings, Mr. R. J. Frans. There are two possibilities to contact him:

  1. Send a letter to:
    DVB Advocaten
    Att. mr. R.J.Frans
    Burcht 11
    1501 BA Zaandam
  2. Or send an email to

What should your claim include?

  • The insolvency number: F.15/18/131
  • Short description of your case in English
  • All relevant documents, like the order confirmation and proof of payment

The lodgement of your claim is free of charge. However, you should keep in mind that the refund that customers get through insolvency proceedings is only a percentage of their original claim. Furthermore, such proceedings can take a long time.

Find more information at the website of ECC Netherlands.

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