Parship: Verdict in Vienna

Before a contract is extended, consumers need to get a separate and explicit notification. It has to be clear that an extension will take place, if the customer doesn't cancel the contract within a specific time period. This procedure is regulated by the Austrian consumer protection law (KSchG).


Parship: Insufficient information


The Higher Regional Court of Vienna (Oberlandesgericht, OLG) now decided that Parship didn't fulfil their obligation. The dating portal sent mails to its customers, but there was no indication of the important notification about a contract extension in the subject line or text of the mails. They simply contained a link - consumers had to click on it and log in to their Parship account, did they get the information.


VKI lawsuit


The Austrian consumer protection association (Verein für Konsumenteninformation, VKI) filed a claim against this practice of Parship (read more). In first instance, the commercial court of Vienna (Handelsgericht, HG) already decided against Parship, as the OLG now confirmed. The verdict is not legally binding yet.


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