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Route planner on detour

Searching for the perfect route online?

When you enter your route online, caution is necessary.

Besides providers who are actually offering their services free of charge, many costly websites exist. The fees are often hidden and hard to discover for consumers. This has been a faulty tactic for years.

ECC Austria recommends to take a close look before entering any data. Are you really still on the website of the automobile club or Google Maps? Or have you been forwarded to another service?

Black sheep: routenprofi.net

Many consumers complain about the website www.routenprofi.net.

The company who operates this website (WEB Media GmbH) clearly violates legal requirements like the button solution. If you receive an invoice from them, don't be intimitated. With our sample letter, you can protest against the invoice. (Please note that our sample letters are only available in German language.)

The company tends to send invoices even after consumers protested against them. Once again, don't let them frighten you. They have no legal right to request any payments from you as their "contract" is not valid. Please keep the reminders and letters they send you as evidence. After sending them your first objection, you don't have to react in any further way.

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Warning: eikora.de does not deliver

Warning: eikora.de does not deliver

Numerous complaints have been made to ECC-Net and also to other consumer protection organisations about German online suppliers of bathroom fittings and furniture. The number of problem cases has risen sharply since the end of 2020, better order elsewhere!

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