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Warning against savino-express.com

Logistics provider for car purchases

A new car is an expensive purchase. Therefore, a cheap offer from a trader in a neighbouring country sounds tempting. If you then find a seemingly professional logistics company that will handle the purchase fast and for a good price, it seems too good to be true.

Well, it is, as consumers tell us: The alleged logistics provider Savino-Express is a rather dubious company. They request a transer of the purchase price for the car in advance. Later, they claim, Savino-Express would deliver the car to the consumer for a test drive. Only if he gives his OK, would they transfer the money to the seller.

In fact, the consumer will never get the car (if it even exists). The money, as well as the company, are gone.

Savino-Express claims to be a British company. As our research shows, the address given on their website belongs to a clothing shop. The website is registered in Romania.

Tips by your ECC

If a car seller proposes the logistics provider Savino-Express, we strongly advise against the purchase.

If you already transferred money to Savino-Express, we recommend to file a claim at the next police station. If you paid by credit card, you can ask your bank for a chargeback.

Find more information and tips in our article on trustees.

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