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Building Bridges: Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna

Tips of ECC Austria regarding arrival, accommodation and tickets

There are only a few days left before the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) starts in Vienna. Preparations began weeks ago and fans already celebrated the first parties under this year's motto "Building Bridges".

But not only for Austrian fans the musical event will be a highlight. From all over Europe, people will travel to Vienna to participate in the many side events or got a ticket for one of the shows. The European Consumer Centre Austria (ECC) collected the most important information for European consumers who plan a trip to Vienna for the ESC.

"Green Event": Arrival

The ESC is a "Green Event" which means that ecological responsibility is a priority. The Austrian Railroad Company ÖBB therefore is an important partner and offers special combi tickets for the Song Contest. For those who want to travel to Vienna by plane, the Austrian Airlines in cooperation with Climate Austria Passengers provides another special service: In order to neutralise the CO2 emissions produced due to the flight, passengers can voluntarily donate for climate protection projects.

Stay in Vienna

On a booking platform especially established for the ESC, last-minute travellers can search for an accommodation for their stay in Vienna. Another sufficient source of information is the website Austria.info that provides tips regarding hotel, sights and restaurants.

Tickets for the ESC can be used as tickets for public transportation in Vienna as well (four hours before and after the respective show). This also applies to the nightline busses that drive daily during night hours, when the underground only drives in the nights from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. The venue of the event, the Viennese Stadthalle, can be reached by the underground U6 as well as by several tramways (6, 18, 9, 49). If consumers plan a longer stay in Vienna, they can purchase a weekly pass for the public transport at ticket offices and ticket vending machines of the "Wiener Linien" for 16,20 Euro. It applies to the central zone 100.

A single ticket of the Wiener Linien for one zone costs 2,20 Euro and can be purchased at ticket vending machines, ticket offices and tobacconists. It is valid for one trip in one direction without interruption. An alternative for smartphone users are the single tickets available in the Wiener Linien app, which is valid for 90 minutes regardless of the direction or interruptions. The electronic ticket is personalised and can only be used by the person who purchased it in the app.

An overview of all tickets of the Wiener Linien can be found here.

Event locations

Besides the shows in the Stadthalle, side events will take place all over Vienna. Public viewing, concerts, entertainment for children and parties - the whole city will celebrate the ESC. A list of the best locations in German language was published on the special website of ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster, who hosts this year's Song Contest.

The most important location besides the Stadthalle is the Viennese Rathausplatz by the town hall where the Eurovision Village was build. Every participating country has its own pavillon and the extensive programm will build bridges between cultures under the motto "Hello Vienna. Welcome Europe!". With concerts and shows, the past 60 years of the ESC history will be reflected. Last year's winner, Austria's Conchita Wurst, will perform on May 22. The first Austrian candidate who won the Song Contest, Udo Jürgens, will be remembered in a tribute concert as he died in December 2014.

All information to the events in the Eurovision Village can be found here (also, only in German language).

Tickets are still available

For eight of the nine shows of the Eurovision Song Contest, tickets are still available. So the family, jury and tv shows can be visited on relatively short notice as well. Fans are advised to regularly visit the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the ESC in order to get the information as soon as tickets are available at stores.

With the staggered sale of tickets, the ORF wants to reduce the effects of the black market with its highly overpriced tickets. The last tickets will be sold right before the respective shows directly in the Stadthalle. Every person can only purchase a limited amount of tickets, which is five tickets for the family shows and two for jury or TV shows.

The official ticket shops are:

If you have any further questions, please contact the customer service of ORF:

  • Ticket information: +43 1 98100 480
  • General information: +43 1 870 70 30

Flyer of ECC Austria

A flyer of the European Consumer Centre Austria (ECC) provides tips for your trip to Austria. You can download the flyer here: Travelling to Austria

App of ECC-Net

The "ECC-Net: Travel App" provides support for consumers who experience troubles with traders during a journey. Situations like return of damaged goods, lost luggage or flight delay - the app displays the most important sentences in the respective language of your destination in order to enable consumers to assert their claims. Further information: ECC-Net: Travel App

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