Cash withdrawals abroad

The cheapest option

ATM abroad

Even in exotic holiday destination you usually can withdraw money with your bankcard at an ATM. This way you get money in the local currency and avoid exchanging money at the bank back home.

Which option is the most cost-effective depends on the exchange rate and the fees your bank charges you.

Therefore please check in advance with your bank what fees would apply.

The fees for a cash withdrawal from the ATM abroad are in the euro area the same as the ones in your home country. For example: Consumers with German accounts may also pay fees if they withdraw money from an ATM within Germany. For them, the same conditions apply in another euro country.

Outside the euro area, for Austrian consumers the costs of withdrawing money at the ATM are 0.75% of the amount withdrawn plus 1.82 euros.

Beware of cash withdrawals by credit card

These are very expensive and will be charged with 3% of the withdrawn amount but at least be 2.50 to 4, - € estimated. Please note that providers may add different conversion rates.

Tips of ECC Austria

  • Clarify whether the credit card is accepted at your holiday destination.
  • Never sign blank documents, e.g. when checking in at the hotel.
  • Don’t throw away receipts, for example at the gas station, due to the risk of data misuse.
  • Create an emergency sheet with all data such as phone number, account number, card numbers, etc. (but without the code!) and store it separately.
  • Don’t store all your cash at the same place, but separate it in small portions. In case of theft, not all of it is gone at once. The same applies to your credit cards and bank cards.
  • If your card gets lost or stolen, immediately report it to your Credit Card Company or bank in order to block the card.

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