Consumer Champion

Professionals and organisations which are interested in European consumer topics and seek education in this area are given a new possibility: Consumer Champion.


The initiative Consumer Champion is a platform for networking and exchange. Experts write a blog and answer questions, members can interact with each other. Furthermore, it provides e-learning, class teaching or local courses (for example, a seminar about working with the media took place in Zagreb, Croatia).


On the one hand, Consumer Champion addresses the management of organisations and consumer professionals who want to benefit from the offered tools and workshops. On the other hand, it turns to experts and professional freelancers who want to contribute their know-how and get in touch with others over the networking possibilities on the platform.


Consumer Champion aims at the following goals:

  • Development of a strong professional network in Europe
  • Sustainable consumer organisations
  • Better protected European consumers


The project is funded by the European Commission and managed by the European Consumer Organisation BEUC. Partners are the Romanian IT company SIVECO and the irish web designer company DARA Creative.

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