At the referendum on June 23, 2016, 52 percent of the British citizens voted for Brexit.


The negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom are proceeding slowly. If there is no agreement before the planned leaving date, we are looking at a so-called "hard Brexit". What would that mean for consumers in Europe?


Information from February 2019

Brexit - what is that?

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The word Brexit stands for "British exit", so the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. The United Kingdom or "UK" includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

A hard Brexit would be the UK leaving the EU, the European single market and the customs union as well as the UK's leave without a contract with the EU. The opposite would be a soft Brexit, where the UK leaves, but issues like their access to the European single market, customs union or the Northern ireland question would be regulated. 


Before departure

Do I need an additional insurance? Are there any extra charges I need to consider? What protection do I have, if problems occur during my travels? Or if I have an accident and need to go to the hospital?


Diese Fragen sind wichtig. Im Folgenden erklären wir kurz, was Sie beachten müssen, wenn Sie eine Reise nach Großbritannien planen.

Your rights as a passenger

Financial services

Service providers from the UK will no longer be allowed to operate in the EU if they don't have a European branch. The European banking regulator asked them to inform their customers whether their contract will maintain, if any changes will be necessary or if their contact person will change.

If your contractual partner sends you new terms and conditions, make sure to read them very carefully! Are there any conditions changing for the worse? In case of doubt, contact your service provider.

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If you order something online from a British trader, consider the following points:


Did you see an advertisment for the product in your country? Is the website available in your language? Is the offer clearly directed at you? If yes, you will profit from the European consumer protection rights, like the right to withdraw for 14 days or a minimum of two years of legal guarantee. Furthermore, you are protected against unfair commercial practices like misleading ads.


Der britische Händler richtet seine Aktivitäten nicht nach Österreich aus, sondern Sie haben die Website selbständig aufgerufen und diese ist nicht auf Deutsch verfügbar? Wir raten Ihnen, die AGB genauestens zu lesen, um zu prüfen, ob die europäischen oder britischen Schutzbestimmungen für Sie gelten.


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