Consumer Policy Report 2014

In its second report about the consumer policy of the EU, the commission highlighted the significance of the European Consumer Centres Network.


The ECC-Net plays an "important role in assisting consumers on the ground and raising awareness about their EU rights". According to the report, the network handled about 14.500 direct consumer contacts in the past two years. The ECCs either provided advice or became active in order to solve the problems of the consumers. Especially the close cooperation between the ECCs created a basis for success.


As we reported before, the Commission plans on supporting the ECCs further within the framework of the 2014-2020 Consumer Programme of the EU.


Main topics of the Consumer Policy Report:

  • Improving consumer safety
  • Market monitoring: Building the knowledge-base for consumer policy making
  • Enhancing knowledge and providing information
  • Stepping up enforcement, improving imprementation and securing redress
  • Aligning rights and key policies to economic and societal change

Find the whole report here: Consumer Policy 2014

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