Cyberbullying among students

Social networks play a big role among young people. But many have to face the downside of this trend: Cyberbullying has gained sad popularity. The EU initiative Consumer Classroom provides free material for teachers who want to address this issue in their lessons.


The platform Consumer Classroom connects teachers across the European Union and offers teaching material about current topics, e.g. climate change or consumer rights. After presenting a toolkit for schoolstart (see this article of ECC Austria), Consumer Classroom now turns to the problem of cyberbullying.


Sadly, more and more children and teenagers experience hatred from their fellow pupils or even strangers in social networks like Facebook. It is therefore highly important to teach them a responsible and sensitive behavior within social networks. But what can teachers do and how? How can they reach their pupils, what should they tell them and how can they reassure troubled parents?


To these and more questions, the "cyberbullying toolkit" of the NGO Common Sense Media, which specialized on "kids and media", gives answers. Consumer Classroom promotes the toolkit on its website. The material is written in English and is designed for students from elementary school, middle school or high school.

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