Evaluation of the EU Timeshare Directive

In February 2011, a new EU Directive on Timesharing was enacted to improve consumer protection in this area. If it works effectively is to be evaluated by an Europe-wide survey of the EU.


Timesharing means a contract of duration for more than one year under which a consumer acquires the right to use one or more overnight accommodations for more than one period of occupation. Many European consumers use this possibility to secure a specific domicile for their holidays every year.


Improved consumer protection


Due to the Directive of 2008 the protection of consumers against fraud or dubious providers was improved. In the past consumers faced problems when it came to reselling their timesharing rights. Companies proposed to take care of the whole reselling process but demanded high advance payments. As soon as the consumer transferred the money, the fraudulent company vanished.


Not only was consumer protection improved by the new Directive, it was also adjusted to new products of timesharing, e.g. long-term holiday product contracts as well as caravans and cruise ships.


Share your experiences


To evaluate how effective the protection offered by the EU Timeshare Directive works, consumers, consumers all across Europe are asked to take part in a survey. The Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (CSES) is in charge of this survey and elaborated an online questionnaire.


If you have concluced a timeshare contract, a contract for a long-term holiday product or if you have experience with the exchange or resale of your time share right, you may contribute to evaluating and improving consumer protection in this area by sharing those experiences in the questionnaire.


Link to the questionnaire: Survey Timesharing

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