Extended control at airports

From 1 September 2015, new safety regulations will be valid at European - and therefore also Austrian - airports. Passengers will be checked more thorough for traces of explosives.


The system


Based on a computer system, passengers will be chosen for random checks according to the new security measures. So called Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) are used: Hands, belts, hand luggage and electronic devices are wiped with special paper stripes. These samples are then checked for components of explosives via chemical analysis.


The new controls will probably raise the time required for the check-in process, but the whole examination won't take much longer than one minute. If the detector gives alarm, the passenger will be taken to another service desk, where his luggage will be checked in detail. In case the situation stays unclear, police will be consulted.




According to EU regulation 185/2010, common security measures at all European airports are necessary. The new security checks are part of this regulation. Austrian airports have increased their number of security staff and had special trainings in order to provide for the new measures.


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