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FAQ Thomas Cook

Frequent questions about the insolvency

The Thomas Cook concern comprises various companies in various countries. Not all of them are currently insolvent. Therefore, please check on your booking confirmation who your contractual partner is ("tour operator" or "service provider"). If you booked at a travel agency, you can ask there for assistance and information.

Last updated on 08.10.2019

I got an e-mail asking for my pass and credit card data. Is it trustworthy?

  • No. Thomas Cook Germany warns on its website against those e-mails with the subject line "Wichtig: Erstattung Ihrer Thomas Cook-Reise" ("Important: Refund of your Thomas Cook journey". It is a scam with which fraudsters try to steal your personal data. Ignore the mails and delete them.

Insolvency of Thomas Cook Germany- what now?

  • On Wednesday, 25.09., the German Thomas Cook GmbH filed for insolvency.
  • This affects the tour operators Thomas Cook GmbH, Thomas Cook Touristik GmbH and Bucher Reisen and Öger Tours GmbH. It is uncertain if more will follow.
  • If you booked a package travel, the payment should be secured according to the package travel directive of the EU (read more).
  • We advice all consumers who booked a package travel to file their claims with the administrator as soon as possible. More regarding this in the next question.

Package travel: How do I register my claims with Thomas Cook Germany?

  • The insurance company Zurich Versicherung is the competent administrator. It commissioned the service provider Karea AG.
  • Information for affected consumers are provided on Karea's website.
  • All customers should file their clams solely via the webform: Link to the webform
  • For emergencies or in case of lack of internet connection, the Karea AG provides a hotline: +49 (0)6172 – 99 76 11 23

Single hotel or flight bookings: How do I register my claims with Thomas Cook Germany?

  • The insolvency proceedings against Thomas Cook Germany have not yet been officially opened, therefore no claims can yet be filed.
  • However, the legal firm Hermann Wienberg Wilhelm (HWW) is the preliminary insolvency administrator for the German Thomas Cook GmbH, Thomas Cook Touristik GmbH and Bucher Reisen and Öger Tours GmbH. It provides information on the website: https://www.hww.eu/en/thomas-cook/

Insolvency of Thomas Cook Austria - what now?

  • The insolvency proceedings regarding the Thomas Cook Austria AG were opened on 26 September 2019.
  • The provision of the EU directive regarding insolvency protection for package tours are still applicable.
  • For package tour customers of the Thomas Cook Austria AG, the administrator AWP P&C S.A. is competent (24h hotline: + 43 1 525 03 6853, e-mail: thomascook.at@allianz.com). 
  • Deadline is 17 November 2019.
  • Attention: This does not apply to customers who booked a flight or a hotel only! Find out more at the next question.

Is my payment secured even if I have booked only a flight or a hotel with Thomas Cook?

  • No. Single hotel or flight bookings are not covered in case of insolvency.
  • The cover only applies to package tours, i.e. holiday packages that combine several tourist services. If, for example, you have booked flight + hotel or flight + rental car all at once at Thomas Cook for a total price, this is a package tour.
  • Also covered by the insolvency protection are so called linked travel arrangements.
  • But beware: You can still file your claims. However, not with the liquidator AWP P&C S.A., but in insolvency proceedings with the commercial court Vienna (HG Vienna).
  • By filing your claim, you will be considered as a creditor in the insolvency proceedings. This means that in the end you should get back part of your money according to a quota. Since the debts of Thomas Cook Austria AG are likely to be very high, one should not get one's hopes up too high. Furthermore, experience has shown that such procedures take a very long time.
  • You find the form for the registration of your claims under this link of the HG Vienna: https://portal.justiz.gv.at/at.gv.justiz.formulare/Justiz/Insolvenz.aspx

I have not yet paid for the booked trip in full. Do I have to do anything?

  • First, check if your contractual partner is actually affected by the insolvency. Your booking confirmation states who your "tour operator" or "service provider" is.
  • The final payment should not be debited when your contractual partner is insolvent.
  • For the unlikely case that your bank account is charged: Contact your bank or credit card company as soon as possible for a chargeback.
  • If your contractual partner is not (yet) insolvent, we recommend that you ask him in writing whether your tour will be carried out. By doing so, you signal your willingness to travel.
  • If you are asked to pay the balance and it is not yet clear whether the booked trip will take place, we recommend playing for time. Argue that for you as an Austrian consumer the legal protection provisions of Austria apply (specifically §4 Para. 4 PRV). Accordingly, more than 20 days before departure, no more than 20 percent of the tour price may be charged by the tour operator.

Where can I find out if my trip is taking place?

  • According to the current state of information, it is not to be expected that trips booked with Thomas Cook Austria or Germany will be carried out.
  • If you booked at a travel agency, you can ask for information there.
  • Your booking confirmation states who your contractual partner is ("tour operator" or "service provider" or "airline"). You may find out more about the situation or his contact details on his website.
  • If you booked a flight at Condor, we recommed to directly contact the airline.
  • For Thomas Cook Austria or Neckermann Austria, the following administrator is in charge: AWP P&C S.A., 24h hotline: + 43 1 525 03 6853, e-mail: thomascook.at@allianz.com

This situation is too uncertain for me - can I cancel the planned trip free of charge?

  • No. The possible insolvency does not entitle to a free withdrawal from the trip. If you do not start the trip even though it is being carried out, cancellation costs may be incurred.

I am at the destination - where do I inquire?

  • The contact of the local tour guide should be available at the hotel. In addition, the staff at the hotel reception desk may be able to find out for you whether your return flight is taking place.
  • If you have booked at home through a travel agency, you can also contact them.
  • Customers of Thomas Cook Austria or Neckermann Austria can also contact the administrator is in charge (AWP P&C S.A., 24h hotline: + 43 1 525 03 6853, e-mail: thomascook.at@allianz.com).

I am at the destination and don't know if my flight will take place!

  • If you can't reach anyone to find out if your return flight is taking place, we advise you to drive to the airport anyhow to be on the safe side.

I am at the destination and am asked to pay again for services already paid for. What should I do?

  • Only pay under reserve and keep all invoices!
  • These costs should be refunded to you by the respective administrator. In case of Thomas Cook Austria and Neckermann Austria, this is the AWP P&C S.A. (24h hotline: + 43 1 525 03 6853, e-mail: thomascook.at@allianz.com).

Detailed information and updates on new developments can be found in this article: Thomas Cook insolvent

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