Generation Awake

Waste is a resource. The European Commission shows, how consumers can act in a more sustainable and responsible way on a daily basis.


With infographics and a colourful brochure, the EU Commission displays the recycling habits of European citizens. There is still a lot of catching-up to do. The name of the campaign – "Generation Awake" – points to the aim of the Commission: to create more awareness for our environment and motivate consumers to take daily steps for a more sustainable way of living.


Tips and facts


The spectrum of the information material goes from water to waste. Short summaries of the main topics are provided with the sheets "facts and figures" and the "personal tips". The brochure is also suitable for children since it is colorful designed and well structured.


Who likes a more interactive approach may take a look at the website. By the example of an apartment building with animated everyday objects and videos, the visitor gets a lot of information about recycling. The "Generation Awake" campaign is also on Facebook, where the consumer himself can become an "Awakener".




The campaign is part of a big environment initiative of the EU, which aims at a more sustainable and ecological Europe. Its one project of the "Resource Efficiency Initiative" which was established in 2011 as part of the "Europe 2020" strategy. There's a whole range of projects, from a "Birds Directive" to a "Green Cars Initiative".

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