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Caution when ordering furniture online

Complaints from consumers increased in the last months.

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) helps consumers in pursuing their claims against an online furniture trader.

The online shop Infurn is situated in England and Spain. It offers designer furniture for exceptionally cheap prices - but only if you pay in advance. But the delivery takes it time.

Good replicas of famous designer furniture

The ECC-Net is receiving complaints of consumers all over Europe who ordered furniture from the website "". The problems occur regarding the delivery as well as the refund in case of withdrawal.

Wait, wait, wait

The website "" makes a good and professional impression - but appearences are deceiving.

The company operates not only under the name "", in England it's "Designfurn Ltd.", in Spain "Livingdesign Ltd."

The problem

Ordering the furniture - paying in advance - no delivery or only with long delays - withdrawal - long waiting periods for the refund.

Withdrawal from the contract

If you buy goods at an online shop, you have the legal right to withdrawal. You don't have to wait if the goods are delivered, but can withdraw before you get them.

From the day of delivery on, the withdrawal period in Austria is 14 days.

If problems occur regarding the claim of a refund, you can contact the ECC-Net for help.

Tips of the European Consumer Centre

  • Research before purchase: If you want to order something from a company you don't know, it is advisable to research beforehand (forum entries etc.).
  • The Watchlist Internet informs about current online frauds, advises about precautions and explains, how common frauds work.
  • Sample letter "Rücktritt vor Warenlieferung": Find a fitting sample letter for withdrawal under this article.
  • ECC helps: If you don't get your money back, please fill in the "cross-border complaint form" on our website.


Watchlist Internet (German)

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