Webshop "infurn.com": unclear situation

Office in London dissolved

ECC Austria knows about infurn.com for a long time now. The number of consumer complaints has significantly increased in the last months.

The main office of the company Infurn recently was Madrid (under the name Livingdesign Europe S.L.). An additional office was situated in London (Designfurn Ltd.).

In the recent months, the Network of the European Consumer Centres received a lot of claims about delayed delivery or refund of the purchase price. Until recently, the ECC Net was able to solve those cases out-of-court with the office in England that was in charge of customer services.

Unfortunately, Infurn dissolved this office. Journalists of the British newspaper "The Guardian" visited the deserted buildings and only met a security (www.theguardian.com).

By now, the website infurn.com is no longer available. We want to point out that, if you order furniture from Infurn, we cannot say if and when they will be delivered. We also do not know if and when you would get a refund in case of your withdrawal from the contract.

Due to restructuring of the company in several European countries, it is unclear if it will continue to exist. In the disclaimer of the webshop, the firm DSGN Sales & Support Facilities Limited in Cork, Ireland, appears.

However, we cannot confirm notifications that the company is bankrupt, liquidated or insolvent.

We are in constant contact with our colleagues from the ECCs in GB, Ireland and Spain in order to find a solution. But despite all efforts, we can no longer promise that we can solve your claims out-of-court.

Last update on 20.06.2014.


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