Your views on passenger rights in Europe


The European Court of Auditors currently conducts a survey regarding passenger rights within the EU in order to gather experiences from common passengers. The results of this survey will provide valuable input to the Court's audit on passenger rights. The Court will then propose recommendations on how to better regulate and implement passenger rights.


On top of this survey, they are collecting views of national authorities’ that are responsible for passenger rights implementation and reaches out towards airlines, railway companies, bus lines and ferry companies. The aim is to provide a balanced and useful audit report which will be published in the second half of 2018.


The survey will take about five minutes to fill in, the answers will be anonymous. Please don't include any personal or other identifiable data as this would lead to the whole questionnaire being disregarded.


The survey is available at the following link: EU Survey



Public consultations by the EU Commission


Public consultations are a method of the European Union to include the views and experiences of stakeholders as well as consumers to the decision making process regarding topics that affect EU citizens on a daily basis.


No public consultation available at the moment.

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