Verdict against Easyjet

Up until now, the British airline Easyjet refused to refund taxes and fees to customers who cancelled their flight. The respective clause has now been penalised by the Frankfurt district court (LG Frankfurt). The verdict is not yet final.


When you book a flight, certain taxes and fees are often a large part of the ticket price. They cover costs that occur e.g. on the airport. If the passenger cancels his flight, those taxes and fees don't accrue for the airline. Therefore, the passenger will get a refund of those costs. 


The budget carrier Easyjet excluded such refunds in its T&C. The German Agency to Combat Unfair Competition (Wettbewerbszentrale) in the city of Bad Homburg filed a claim against this clause before the LG Frankfurt which then decided that the clause was in fact unlawful as it consitutes an undue disadvantage for consumers. Easyjet, on the other hand, would gain profits by retaining money for costs that don't accrue.


Easyjet may appeal the verdict. Find more information at the website of the Agency to Combat Unfair Competition Bad Homburg (available in German language).


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