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Inconsistencies with online termination service volders

The Berlin-based provider of termination letters and other contract management services volders GmbH is one of several internet platforms that sell templates and process contract terminations. Basically, the idea is to relieve customers who want to terminate one of their current contracts of the search for the correct company address and the writing of the formal part of the letter as well as the mailing. While customers enter their address and data from the current contract they want to cancel, and select appropriate answer options in input masks, the programme composes the letter from text modules. Whether the costs of such a service, which makes the cancellation process a little more convenient, are worth it, is something everyone can only decide for themselves.

However, we do not find the following points in the business conduct of volders GmbH ideal.

For the time being, we find it problematic that consumers who enter the search terms "contract" and "cancellation" when googling get a search result with a link to a volders page on which the costs incurred are not easily recognisable. The cost obligation is indeed linked under the item "Immediate dispatch", but only on the first of the input masks and is easy to overlook. It is clearer on the start page, which can be accessed by entering the URL volders.de itself. The only difference is that the search engine entry does not direct you to this page.

After interested parties have entered their data to terminate their contract, for example their mobile phone contract, a streaming subscription or a membership in the fitness centre, they are presented with the choice of three chargeable services only after filling out several input masks. The options are a cancellation by letter for 5.99 €, a registered version for 9.99 € and one with an additional lawyer's certificate for 14.99 €. For another €3.99, you can have a copy sent to yourself by post, and this is called a "security package." Pre-selected is the variant with around ten euros. We think the obligation to pay should be more clearly stated on the first page that Google directs you to.

Furthermore, our ECC has received complaints from customers who had paid on time and then received a reminder from the Creditreform debt collection agency. In one case, the service (the termination) was not provided and was still charged. In a customer evaluation portal, those affected often report irregularities in the sending of invoices and aggressive dunning behaviour, as no invoice or the three invoiced reminders were sent at all, but instead the debt collection demand was sent immediately.

Apart from that, the amount of the collection demand of about 60 euros is not justified, even if customers are late in paying their original invoice of 6 or 14 euros to volders. In case of disproportionately excessive reminder fees, you can object by sending the following sample letter.

Termination letters are not witchcraft. Such sample letters are also available free of charge and you can download similar templates, for example as a Word file, from our sample letters page. These are free, but you will have to adapt the texts a little to your situation.

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