Coronavirus: cancellation of events

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus in Austria, the Ministry of Health, referring to national Epidemic Law, issued bans on gatherings of people at outdoor events if they exceed 500 persons and for indoor events if they involve more than 100 persons. Universities were among the first institutions to be closed yesterday.


This naturally has a strong impact on various events such as concerts, theatre performances or sporting events and is also of interest to travellers coming to Austria. While cinemas are still in the process of finding a practicable regulation and remain open for the time being, many commercial operators are at least trying to adapt events for a limit up to 100 people or to split them up for smaller audiences. In practice, however, as with museums for example, more and more often simply get cancelled or closed altogether.


Consumers who have already paid for tickets for concerts, theatre performances, football matches, sports events, etc. are entitled to a refund of the purchase price. The reason for the cancellation is not within the sphere of the customer. Visitors to events can of course agree with the organisers on a later date. But they do not have to.

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