Austria buys cross-border

The payment services provider Mastercard conducted an Europe-wide study regarding the topic of online shopping.


According to its findings, five percent of the Austrian population shop online on a daily basis. Austria and Ireland top the list of cross-border purchases, for the same reason: they both have big neighbouring countries with the same language, offering a broader product range. More than 60 percent of the Irish and Austrian onlineshoppers order cross-border at least once a year.


The "most wanted" of the internet are clothes and shoes (48%), followed by tickets (34%), electronics (33%) and books (31%). Europeans usually pay by card or online banking.


However, the preferences of Europeans vary widely among the countries. While 41 percent of the Brits order online at least once a week, only half of the Bulgarians do it monthly.


You can download the study "Masterindex 2017" for free.

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