Holidays without roaming

With 15.06., roaming charges within the EU will be history. That means that consumers can make calls, send texts and surf online during their holidays as if they were at home ("roam like at home"). 


It is important to know that the new rules are only applicable within the EU. If you travel to non-EU countries like Switzerland or Turkey, you will still have to pay. Furthermore, calls from Austria (your home country) to another country will be charged as well.


For example: Lisa travels to her Italian friend Maria in Rome. Shortly after her arrival, she calls her mother. Lisa doesn't pay any roaming charges for this phone call. A few days later, Lisa's mother calls Maria to ask for her daughter. She will have to pay for the international call.


Please note: Mobile operators can exclude roaming from their tariffs. Before you travel abroad, ask your provider if roaming is included.

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