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Interiorfox insolvent

Details for consumers

During the last months, many consumers contacted us with complaints regarding an onlineshop for design furniture, called Interiorfox. In the meantime it has become known that the Irish trader is insolvent.

Information about the insolvency

In a first statement, the company told its customers that no further orders or request could be handled. Due to substantial financial losses, they had no other choice than to close the business. Within this e-mail, the trader advised consumers who paid via credit card to ask their credit card provider for a chargeback.

No insolvency proceedings yet

Meanwhile, further information is available from the provisional liquidator, the company David Kennedy Financial Consulting. They provide current information on a dedicated website:

So far, we don't know if there will be any insolvency proceedings where consumers could lodge their claims. For the time being, we therefore recommend to stay put and regularly visit the above mentioned website. As soon as there are any new developments, we will update this article accordingly.

If you should have a very pressing question, the liquidator provided the following contact details:

Furthermore, there is a hotline: 015635205. However, as there will be a high volume of calls to this and considering the high costs of calls to Ireland, we don't recommend to use this hotline.

Unfortunately, it has to be expected that it will take a long time until you get a response to individual requests.

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