New Year's Eve fireworks in Austria

Just at the turn of the year, several warnings regarding the traditional fireworks are issued in Austria: On the one hand, there's a drought in some regions, so the risk of fires increases. Some cities and regions therefore permitted the use of fireworks in total, e.g. in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. If you're uncertain about your region, please contact the local authorities for information.


Furthermore, the fire department strongly advises against using illegal firecrackers and rockets. As the ECC reported earlier, those are often not audited and don't comply with safety standards. As the fire department explains, the explosive force of those firecrackers is often above limits. Some of the products contain parts that make them too heavy to take off. The risk of hurting yourself and others or to cause damages on buildings is therefore much higher.


Please find our general information about the safe purchase and use of fireworks here.

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