RAPEX annual report 2017

The European Commission published its annual RAPEX report. Like in previous years, toys were the most often registered dangerous product in 2017.


Statistics for Europe


A total of 2201 warnings have been registered, followed by 4000 actions like the removal of the affected products from the market.


Within the EU, the top 3 of the most dangerous product categories are:

  1. Toys (29%)
  2. Motor vehicles (20%)
  3. Clothing, textiles and fashion items (12%) 


In 2017, the risk most often notified was injury (28%), followed by chemical risk (22%).


Statistics for Austria


15 reports about dangerous products occured in Austria. Similar to the EU-wide statistics, toys (53%), motor vehicles (27%) and clothing, textiles and fashion items (7%) ranged at the top of the list. However, other risks were reported:

  1. Choking (53%)
  2. Injuries (33%)
  3. Damage to hearing (7%)

37 follow-up actions were implemented in Austria.


Read more about the RAPEX annual report on the website of the EU Commission. You can download the full report at this link.

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