Roaming: 90 days without charges

Update: The proposal was withdrawn for the moment. This was a reaction by EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to the continuing criticism of the draft and promised a revision. However, this would not affect the time table and roaming would still be abolished in June 2017 (more information here).


Roaming charges should be abolished within the EU in 2017. The new regulation will come into force just before the beginning of the summer holidays in June next year.


The EU Commission now proposed a draft that relativises the "abolition" of the charges. According to the draft, the consumption of mobile services (calls, sms, internet) without roaming charges should be limited to 90 days per year. When a consumer spends more than 30 consecutive days in another EU Member State, he would be charged by his provider.


The EU Commission argues that with those time limits, the needs of regular holiday or business travellers would be covered. At the same time would this regulation prevent consumers from getting cheap mobile tariffs from other Member States which would affect domestic providers. According to this arguments, the Commission named its proposal a "Fair Use Policy".


Find more information about the draft of the Commission here: Roaming in 2017

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