Subscription traps

A compelling offer on Facebook, a few clicks, some personal data - and suddenly you're trapped. Instead of the promised test subscription, you receive one package after the other. Then, invoices start flowing, followed by reminders and - last, but not least - letters from collection agencies. Each of them is more demanding and threatening than the last.


That's one kind of the subscription traps we see in our daily work. Therefore, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) created a video to raise awareness for this very common problem. Consumers often lack the right knowledge to avoid and fight subscription traps, as a survey, conducted this year on behalf of the ECC-Net, found out.


Information about subscription traps


We provide comprehensive information on how to identify and avoid subscription traps on our website. Furthermore we give practical tips on how to cancel an unwanted subscription or withdraw from an unwanted contract.


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