Toy test: Doll Cayla

The "internet of things" is becoming more and more part of our life. Refridgerators that automatically create shopping lists or Amazon's "dash buttons" with which we can order toilet paper directly from the bathroom with only one click. Now this technical revolution enters our children's rooms. The doll "My friend Cayla" is able to make conversation, answer questions, read stories and play games.


VKI: No recommendation to buy


The toy is connected with the internet and can be operated via an app on the smartphone or tablet. The editors of the Austrian test magazine Konsument examined the doll thoroughly. Their conclusion: Better stay with less connected and therefore less "curious" products. The doll frustrates with bad usability, as neither the app nor the "conversations" function smoothly. Furthermore, there are some concerncs regarding data protection. (Please note: The tests of the VKI are only available in German. Please find the links below).


A Norwegian consumer protection agency created a video about the doll. They also advise against purchasing it for children.


VKI tests:


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