TV in the Digital Single Market

Consumers don't watch TV as they did ten years ago. Online and streaming services more and more replace classic television. This challenges the EU to provide new technical and legal frameworks to meet the needs of consumers.


The Audiovisual Media Services Directive regulates the cross-border transmission and reception of television broadcasts across the EU. Questions regarding copyright and related rights are handled by the Satellite and Cable Directive which the Commission now wants to evaluate and adapt to the modern user behaviour.  


In order to do so, the EU Commission wants to gather the opinions of those who are most affected: Member States' authorities, broadcasters, authors, audiovisual and record producers, performers,  collective management organisations, satellite and cable operators, online service providers, consumers and any other interested stakeholders. Those can take part in the public consultation until 16th November.


The Commission will also conduct a study parallel to the consultation. The results of both actions will help to evaluate the functioning of the directive as well as the possibility to extend it to certain online content services.


Find more information regarding the consultations and ways of participation on the Digital Single Market website of the Commission.

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