Vienna City Marathon - Refund

The Vienna City Marathon should have taken place on April 19, 2020 for the 37th time, but was cancelled like all other events because of Covid-19.

The organising company informed their customers about the following three options of reimbursement:

  • Keeping the starting position for 2021 or 2022 instead of a refund
  • Participating as official sponsoring runner in 2021 and pay a voluntary entry fee of any amount
  • 30% of the entry and chip fees paid to be returned

On 28.4.2020, however, a law (KuKuSpoSiG) passed Austrian Parliament, which prescribes reimbursements staggered according to the ticket price. The Vienna City Marathon organiser does not adhere to the law by only offering a refund of 30% regardless of the price paid.


E.g if you have registered for the marathon distance with € 100, the € 30 refund is in accordance with the law, but the remaining € 70 must be refunded as a voucher as well.
If one has registered for the relay race with € 184, the organizer has to refund € 114 according to KuKuSpoSiG and additionally issue a voucher worth € 70.


Moreover, in the opinion of the Austrian consumer organisation VKI, the forfeiture of the additional € 6 rental fee for the chip attached to the running shoe is inadmissible and must be refunded in full.


You can use the following sample letter for your claim:

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