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Wave of reminders by Eurotreuhand Inkasso

Old claims of Exilium Finanz

Currently, numerous consumers contact us after receiving reminders by "Eurotreuhand Inkasso". The letters refer to alleged claims of Exilium Finanz GmbH. 

However, the affected consumers never had a contract with Exilium Finanz GmbH or withdrew from such contracts within the cancellation period. The alleged claims therefore don't exist and the reminders of the debt-collection agency have no basis.

We have known Exilium Finanz GmbH for a long time and already warned against this company (more information available in German here).

Tips of the ECC regarding Eurotreuhand Inkasso

  • In the cases described above, don't pay the required sum!
  • Don't be intimitated - you don't have to react to the reminders.
  • If you absolutely want to do something, you can answer to Eurotreuhand Inkasso in writing. Make clear that you have no contract with Exilium Finanz GmbH and that the alleged claims don't exist.
  • You withdrew from a contract with Exilium Finanz and still have the respective letter? Then you can attach a copy as prove.
  • When you receive further reminders after that, you can contact us (see contact details). 

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