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Webshop Home24 SE

Home 24 SE is a webshop for furniture situated in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately, their deliveries are often delayed, inadequate or with wrong or missing pieces. In some cases, consumers waited in vain for their order.

The complaints are manifold: From missing box doors and screws to wrong shelf boards and damaged coffee tables.

Delaying tactics

Consumers claim the defects of the delivery to Home24 and request the respective exchange of the wrong or damaged pieces, or the delivery of the missing ones. The furniture dealer often promises to do so promptly - but then, nothing happens.

Some consumers tell us that Home24 sometimes demanded some sort of evidence of the defects and then showed little understanding. At some point, the trader simply stopped answering.

It creates a stalemate: The consumers often paid for their order in advance and want to keep it. It is risky to return the whole package or parts of it without a (written) commitment of Home24, stating that they are willing to fix it or refund the money. Furthermore, consumers would need a return label which has to be requested extra and then - despite assurances - will not be provided.

In some cases, the trader even sends payment reminders to the consumers after they already returned the goods.

Tips from the ECC regarding Home24

We recommend affected consumers to contact us or, if available, their legal insurance. Unfortunately, Home24 also reacts very slowly to our interventions and it takes a long time to reach a (partial) solution.

In general, we have to advise against ordering from the German furniture trader in view of the high rate of complaints.

More information about your rights is provided in the following articles:

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