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Well informed on European streets

New app by ECC Germany

The European Consumer Centre Germany has presented a new app for German-speaking consumers. It provides information around driving within the neighbouring countries of Germany, which are Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic as well as the popular destinations Italy and Spain.

Users can choose their individual travel situation, like destinations, if they drive by car or camper and if children or pets travel with them. They get specialised information, according to these statements, from the following eleven topics:

  1. necessary documents
  2. insurance
  3. road safety 
  4. traffic rules
  5. toll
  6. fuel
  7. car trouble
  8. repair
  9. accident
  10. theft
  11. rental car

The app "Mit dem Auto ins Ausland" is available for free at the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Playstore (Android) for smartphones and tablets. It works offline, so users won't face roaming costs when using it abroad. Please note: The app is only provided in German language!

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