European Professional Card

Within the EU, everything is moving - goods, services, people. At the same time, the trend in the world of work is moving towards more mobility. Many look for jobs not only in their own country, but want to make experiences abroad. 


For some professions, this has become easier with January 18th, 2016. The "European Professional Card" (EPC) paves the way. It's not an actual card, but an electronic procedure for the recognition of qualifications between EU Member States.


The following persons can use the new system:

  • General care nurses
  • pharmacists
  • physiotherapists
  • real estate agents
  • mountain guides

According to a press release of the EU Commission. the EPC will eventually be applicable for other professions in the future.


Online platform


Professionals can apply for the EPC for a specific period of time ("temporary mobility") or permanently ("establishment"). Depending on the combination of country of origin and destination, fees may occur. A quick check as well as further information on the procedure are available on this website.


The application will be processed fully electronically and can be submitted in every EU language. Every step of the way can be followed online. Once the necessary documents were uploaded, they will be stored in the system. It is therefore not necessary to submit them again for a new application. At the end of the procedure, the professionals get a certificate in PDF format.


Several functions


The platform serves not only to process the application, but is also a safe communication tool for the authorities - among themselves as well as with the applicants. An alert mechanism was established that warns authorities against professionals working in the fields of health or education of minors who have been prohibited or restricted from practice in one EU country, or who have used falsified diplomas in support of their application for the recognition of their qualification.

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