Help and advice for shopping abroad

Did you as a consumer ever face problems in the following cases?

  • What rights do I have when I buy a defected product abroad?
  • What should I do when an airline doesn't refund the price for the ticket of an anulled flight?
  • How should I react when a hotel debits more then agreed from my credit card?
  • How can I find out whether a shopping website is safe?
  • What should I consider when concluding a timesharing contract?
  • What can I do in case of problems regarding a package travel?
  • How can I find out whether the free holiday trip that I've won is without obstacles?

What can European Consumer Centres help you?


The EU-wide Network of the European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) offers practical help regarding your purchases in other EU Member States as well as in Norway and Iceland. The help of ECC-Net is free of charge.


Find more information here: ECC-Net


The ECC-Net is supported by the European Commission. We also offer tips for your carefree vacation.


And if something still goes wrong, the ECC-Net helps you if:

  • if you buy goods from or use services of a trader who is situated in another EU Member State, Norway or Iceland.
  • you are a citizen or inhabitant of the EU, Iceland or Norway.

We offer you:

  • Advice regarding your purchases abroad in order to avoid problems
  • Help with contacting the trader in case of a complaint
  • Tips for the next steps toward a solution of the dispute, if no mutual agreement is possible

The ECC-Net cannot:

  • intervene if the trader is situated in your home country or outside of the EU,
  • represent you before court,
  • take measures to enforce legal provisions.

Ten good reasons for contacting your European Consumer Centres

  1. The service is free of charge!
  2. The ECC-Net is supported by the EU and the Member States as well as Norway and Iceland.
  3. You get legal advise regarding purchases in the EU, Norway and Iceland.
  4. You get advise before purchases or use of services in order to avoid problems.
  5. You get help when something goes wrong.
  6. We help you with contacting the trader abroad, if he does not react to your complaint.
  7. You get advise about further legal actions if no mutual agreement is found.
  8. The ECC-Net is easy to contact,
  9. offers effective alternatives to legal action against the trader,
  10. employs highly motivated consumer protection experts.


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