Malicious software: Trojans

Pretending to be "Internet-police"

Lately, trojans are in circulation. This malicious computer program gets installed unnoticed by the user and runs in the background to perform a specific function and inform you about the following: "Your computer has been locked. To unlock you need to transfer us a penalty of € 100,-".

A lot of these trojans (malicious software) are spread via the Internet. Many users fall into the trap because some of the trojans are provided with Police logos.

Unnoticed installation

First seen in Germany and Switzerland, this malware is circulating in Europe since spring 2011. The virus exploits vulnerabilities in order to infiltrate through a website on the victim's PC. It often arrives via a Java update on the computer. Your explorer, the desktop, and entries are being attacked, changed and locked by it and once you restart your PC the pop-up message with the request for payment appears.

Regular security updates to protect against viruses

As of now only Windows operating systems are affected by this police Tojaner. Usually, safety programs should recognize this malware. Perform ongoing security updates for your operating system by downloading regular updates of the programs (eg Adobe Acrobat Reader) and pay attention to circulating antivirus software.

If your computer is affected by such a virus, it may be for the best to let an expert solve the problem.

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