Transit plates in the EU

If you bought a new car in a foreign EU Member State and want to transit it to your home country, you need a transit plate. The ECC-Net gathered all necessary information about national regulations in a new brochure.


When shopping for a new car, you may be interested in looking at available options in other member states for a better deal. Importing the car to your home country however involves several administrative and logistic stages. For more information, you should contact the competent authority in your home country.


The use of transit plates is one of the options available to export a car. Transit plates are temporary number plates that will enable you to drive the car to your home country.


You have to obtain transit plates in the country where you bought the vehicle. But where can you obtain transit plates? How much do they cost? How long does the application procedure take? The ECC-Net has gathered this information in a brochure. The seller of the vehicle may also be in a position to offer advice.

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