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Warning against film portals

Automatic contract extension

Streaming platforms that offer movies for a cheap price or even for free, are very attractive for consumers. Unfortunately, there are many providers who are dubious and threaten their customers with reminders and execution. The argument: The test phase of their subscription allegedly turned into a long-term, fee-based contract. This practice is unlawful. We explain what you can do in this situation.

List of dubious streaming platforms:

  • fuuze.com
  • onlinefuntime.com
  • blizzardtime.com
  • volterak.com
  • polakita.com
  • asoflix.de
  • blueflix.de
  • bobflix.de
  • boboflix.com
  • domeflix.de
  • domstream.de
  • euroflix.de
  • faxflix.de
  • goldflix.de
  • kiwiflix.de
  • pinoplay.de
  • playano.de
  • sadoflix.de (SADORA SERVICES LTD)
  • sobastream.de
  • streamago.de
  • streamnox.com
  • streamzeit.de

Update, 25.02.2019:

Another dubious streaming platform is "bobflix.de". According to the imprint on the website, it is operated by the company BOB MEDIA LIMITED in London (UK). We strongly advice against using their services!

Update, 16.11.2018:

Another dubious streaming platform is "playano.de".

Update, 18.05.2018: YouTube videos

Claims regarding such film portals never stop. Affected consumers told us about videos on YouTube, showing alleged lawyers who explain why they have to pay.

We don't share this opinion. Don't let them intimate you, but read our tips below! Use our sample letter to protest against any invoices sent to you.

Update, 23.03.2018: Threat of execution

Consumers tell us how an alleged collection agency called "OT Inkasso Ltd." threat to execute if they don't pay the claimed 479,16 Euro.

Our recommendation: Don't pay! Those letters are unprofessional and have no legal basis. Click on the button "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the mail in order to delete your mail address from their list.

Update, 05.03.2018: More websites

The websites blueflix.de, euroflix.de and kiwiflix.de are also lure consumers into subscription traps. The streaming platforms are operated by Safe4Media Ltd. and look exactly alike. As the Watchlist Internet reports, the company requests a payment of 358,80 Euro. The truth is that there is no legally binding contract and consumers are therefore not obliged to pay the bill.


The Watchlist Internet currently warns against several streaming platforms, including boboflix.com, streamago.de und streamnox.com. They are also operated by the same trader, called Lovelust Ltd. Websites of Bizcon Ltd. have the same design, e.g. streamzeit.de.

Accordingly, the problems are also the same: Consumers register on the website to use its services. After a short while, they receive an invoice over 200 Euro. Allegedly, the "test phase" expired and turned into a premium membership with a one-year duration.

No valid contract

In the letters, the trader threats to assign a collection agency and take legal steps if the consumers don't pay an amount of 238,80 Euro. We recommend that you don't let those threats intimidate you as the trader has no legal basis for his actions. According to the law, he should have informed you about the coming extension of your contract in a separate and clear letter or mail. Without this information, no valid contract exists and consumers have no obligation to pay.

Sample letter of the ECC

If you received an invoice by the Lovelust Ltd. or a similar company, you can use our free sample letter (MB Automatische Vertragsverlängerung) to protest against it. The sample letter is only available in German.

A registered letter is the best way to send it, but at least write an e-mail with read confirmation.

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