You won a car!

New scam annoyes consumers

Only 750 Euros of expenses

"You won a car in Turkey." Many consumers who got such calls turned to the European Consumer Centre Austria (ECC). It's a new scam of fraudsters.

A suprising win is something many consumers dream of. Many consumers recently got called from someone who told them that they won a car in Turkey. In order to arrange a handover of the car in Germany, the consumers were asked to transfer 750 Euro for customs and other expenses.

"Decide quickly!"

Consumers reported to ECC Austria that the calling person had put them under pressure and called like three or four times per day. The consumers were told that their win would vanish if they don't transfer the requested money soon.

Advice of ECC Austria

  • It's clearly fraud. Hands off!
  • Note the phone number and report the call at the next police station.

You can also send us a mail:

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