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Warning against wmshoe

Wmshoe (.com or .net) is a webshop that ships shoes of apparently inferior quality from China to Europe. They like to advertise with discount offers, such as the latest one for Father's Day, and the external appearance looks appealing at first glance. However, the company is a prime example of dropshipping. Beware of such providers!


The company has a tax number in Europe, also operates a German-language website and German-language email support. However, the company is apparently based in China. In case of problems, ordered shoes are to be sent back to Shanghai at the customer's own expense, writes one of the people concerned. This amounts to 40 € postage, although there is a return address in Germany and the shoes themselves cost about the same. Whether this German address is just a post box remains to be seen.

You should contact the customer support for all matters - no matter what the reason, you are always referred to the same email address. A telephone number is nowhere to be found. This is a clear warning sign to be careful with such shops!

Neither on the English nor on the German homepage is an imprint with the company name to be found, although this is required by law in Europe. The company address and telephone number are also missing, another disregarded obligation. In the "about us" section, the socially committed development of the young company is described in flowery words, but no useful information is provided. The same is true of the "Returns & Exchanges" section. There is only talk of about 10 $ for resending in case of exchange, but nothing tangible about what happens in case of return. In case of problems, the (email) support refers to applicable conditions, that returns have to be sent to China, although this is not stated anywhere on the website. They offer a €6 refund if you don't return anything, and the nameless person from German support also says that the customer concerned should give the shoes to their family or a neighbour.

The most frequent complaint is lack of quality, the shoes are simply cheaply made. The second complaint is the spit-route for returns. The rating on Trustpilot is correspondingly disastrous. Angry customers want to return the orders, and fail. According to EU law, you have 14 days from delivery to return online orders, and you don't have to give a reason. In order to maintain the impression of seriousness, and also not to arouse suspicion of cheap goods, so-called dropshipping companies always try to give the impression on their websites that they operate from Europe and avoid any reference to the Far East.

Wmshoe.com (or Wmshoe.net) is clearly a dropshipping company. You can see this at the latest in the way the business is handled here via Shopify sales. Further background information and why you should never order from dubious dropshippers can be found in our background article

Checklist for online orders

  1. Where is the company located? Check the imprint! Is there no imprint? Hands off!
  2. Check return modalities! No specific information about who pays return postage and where to return the goods? Hands off!
  3. Check for real customer experiences on rating platforms like Trustpilot! All bad reviews? Hands off!!
  4. Check Watchlist-Internet.at to see if they are listing the company or website in question as problematic.
Pictogram on round dark red background shows package, above magnifying glass magnifies Chinese characters

Drop shipping has drawbacks

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