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Model of an Alitalia Airbus and behind it the new ITA logo in blur
On 15 October 2021, Alitalia will become Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA).

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Alitalia to be discontinued - successor ITA in the starting blocks

Italy's largest airline Alitalia has been in the red since 2002. Since 2017, it has been kept afloat financially by direct state participation and billions in bridging loans to avert complete insolvency. Now it has become clear that the pandemic has finally ruined the state's restructuring and sale plans from autumn 2020. A new formation initiated by the Italian Ministry of Economy is now taking place under the name Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA) and is scheduled for 15 October 2021. From then on, the first ITA flights are to take off.

The slimmed-down ITA will no longer employ the 10,000 staff of the old Alitalia, but will take over only 2,800 of them, about 1,500 of whom are flight personnel and all of whom are subject to the new Italian collective agreement for air transport. Likewise, 52 aircraft will be acquired from the Alitalia stocks. Transport Minister Enrico Giovanni emphasises the economic potential of the new airline and also that consumer and workers' rights will be protected. There will be flights to 45 international destinations via 61 routes, and the plan is to expand in 2022 if possible.
An earlier relaunch of the airline in August had actually been targeted in order to be able to participate in the 2021 holiday season. Therefore, ITA had already started selling tickets at the end of August, but in the end this date was not met. Tickets can only be purchased on the airline's website www.itaspa.com for flights from 15 October.

What about my Alitalia ticket?

Failure to appear for the flight or failure to observe the flight date does not result in an automatic refund! If the originally planned flight does not take place and a rebooking is not possible or desired, passengers can request a full refund of the fare or the remaining value of the ticket for the journey not yet made. However, check beforehand that it is really an 055 ticket number (first 3 numbers of the ticket) that is also assigned to Alitalia, and not another airline that was only arranged in the service of Alitalia as carrier. According to the airline, the request will be processed as soon as possible in accordance with Regulation CE261/2004. For partial refunds, rebookings or credits from the frequent flyer programme, customers should contact Alitalia by 14 October to request a credit (see contacts below).

Pictogram about "Cancelled flight"

Cancelled flight

Contact and reimbursement information

  • The easiest way to obtain a FULL REFUND is to use the Alitalia online entry form yourself
  • for a PARTIAL REFUND or rebooking, you can contact these three hotlines:
    • within Italy (toll-free): 800 65 00 55
    • in Austria: 00 43 (0) 82 09 51 05 1 (workdays MO-FR 8am – 7pm)
    • from abroad:  00 39 06 65 649
  • for premium customers from the MILLEMIGLIA frequent flyer programme there is a separate customer service
  • Passengers who bought the ticket at the TRAVEL AGENCY can contact their travel agent directly.

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